Saturday, January 15, 2011

yeah, I used to be in a band

I've had a few people recently inquire about some former band-related nonsense.

Yeah, I used to gig back in the day and even embarked on a two-city European tour (consisting of a bar we frequented in Florence and a restaurant in the next city over that belonged to a regular at the bar we played at. You follow?) 

I just re-found out some of my old tunes still exist on myspace (along with an abundance of child molesters trying to friend me. Thanks, but no thanks). Anyway, if you're bored, take a listen.

I still write, sing, and play some piano, guitar, and mandolin and am available to play exclusive private parties.  Expect to pay upwards of $10k an hour.
This post also gets me thinking about what should be on my backstage rider.
More on that to come...

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