Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let it not snow

Top reasons I don't want snow this winter:

- Shoveling.  First winter I've had a driveway that I'm actually responsible for.

- The snow boots I bought two years ago hurt my feet.

-I'm getting ice skates for Christmas (surprise!). There are several ponds in my neighborhood that look like they might freeze over. Snow would ruin that.  Size - Juniors 5 1/2.  Realized next year I can join an over 30 league.  Watch out old guys, here I come.

-I continue to procrastinate my purchasing of an automobile.  It's one thing to ride your bike in the cold...
Speaking of which, two weekends ago, to avoid a car/train schedule conflict, I biked from my home in Walpole to my job on Soldier's Field Road in Boston (and yes, there are showering facilities that I took full advantage of).  "Wow," said my co-workers. "You rode all that way.  It's about 19 miles, or the equivalent of 5-6 miles running.  The real "wow" is that it took me an hour-and-a-half (it's a single gear bike, cut me some slack), the same time it takes if I take the train to work.

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