Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reflections of Tragedy

Warning: As the title describes, this is not a happy post.  

This month my cousin unexpectedly lost her husband. He was young. She has two young kids that she'll have to raise without him - a tragedy.

When tragedies hit close enough to home, they stir all kinds of thoughts and emotions.  I believe in God, heaven, and that things happen for a reason. Maybe it makes me weak, but I still can't help feeling overwhelming heartbreak for a young widow and her two children.  Death doesn't scare me or upset me nearly as much as being on the other side of it does.

The answer, I doubt I'll know in this lifetime.  The question is "why?"

Inspired by anyone who has ever struggled with being left behind, this is my reflection:

The perfect life, we had it all.
A perfect future was in store.
But now I'm trying to make sense of what this all is for.

We had so many hopes and dreams,
To watch it all just be wiped clean,
I can't go on, the way it seems.
My world is crashing down on me.

I know you're somewhere better now.
I've so much left to figure out.
I'm sure you're shining down on me,
but it's just not the same.

If I could hold you just once more...
Instead I'm lying here on the floor.
Every day feels like a war
that I might lose without you.

I'm counting days like counting sheep.
My heart and soul have gone to sleep.
And selfish as it all may seem,
well, you were everything to me.

The perfect life I used to dream
has left with you and just left me.
Now I'm left to make believe
there's someone left for me to be.

Afraid of what might be in store
A sad reminder it's no more
Just the pieces left of me
There's nothing left for them to see.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let it not snow

Top reasons I don't want snow this winter:

- Shoveling.  First winter I've had a driveway that I'm actually responsible for.

- The snow boots I bought two years ago hurt my feet.

-I'm getting ice skates for Christmas (surprise!). There are several ponds in my neighborhood that look like they might freeze over. Snow would ruin that.  Size - Juniors 5 1/2.  Realized next year I can join an over 30 league.  Watch out old guys, here I come.

-I continue to procrastinate my purchasing of an automobile.  It's one thing to ride your bike in the cold...
Speaking of which, two weekends ago, to avoid a car/train schedule conflict, I biked from my home in Walpole to my job on Soldier's Field Road in Boston (and yes, there are showering facilities that I took full advantage of).  "Wow," said my co-workers. "You rode all that way.  It's about 19 miles, or the equivalent of 5-6 miles running.  The real "wow" is that it took me an hour-and-a-half (it's a single gear bike, cut me some slack), the same time it takes if I take the train to work.