Friday, September 10, 2010

Narrowly Avoiding The Legal System

I have been able to avoid the legal system for nearly my entire life. Other than two moving violations, both of which i defeated, the court system has not seen the likes of me. And apparently, it has no desire to.  Recently I received a notice in the mail that appeared to summons me to jury duty.  Despite my oft transient living situation, the Jury Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts managed to track me down... sort of...

The Postal Service was kind enough to forward my summons from my former address in Brookline to my new address in Walpole.

What really confused me was the spelling of my last name.  I always thought it was "Saleeba."  I guess I've been spelling it incorrectly for 29 years.  Nonetheless, I RSVP'd "Yes." I also informed the Jury Commissioner of my new address and the incorrect way that I spell my name; that way he would have it available next time he wanted to get in touch.

Fast-forward to yesterday, with the looming imminence of Jury Duty approaching, I was ready.  I spent weeks mastering an impression of Al Pacino in And Justice for All.  Hours upon hours of practicing in front of the mirror all turned out to be for none.  The Jury Commissioner uninvited me.
I rearranged my entire schedule for the Commish and he goes and pulls a stunt like this.  He apologized for the inconvenience, but also made it clear that he plans to possibly invite me to a future trial at his discretion.  However, he refuses to say which one... stringing me along and there's nothing I can do about it.  So until that date, I shall wait (and continue working on my Pacino impersonation.)

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