Monday, August 16, 2010

Thanks, Google Calendar

At the urging of my lovely and extremely organized wife, I recently started telling Google Calendar all of my secrets. G-C knows more about what's going on in my life than I do. I have begun looking to G-C for advice. "Hey Google Calender, What time do I have to work tomorrow? Three? Great. Thanks. Hey Google Calendar, I have a manicure fishing trip scheduled for this Saturday if you wouldn't mind reminding me about it."

Google Calendar is better than most of my friends. I only have to tell him once and he never forgets. Plus, my wife trusts everything he says. She never has to wonder about where I am or what I'm doing or whether I'm up to no good.
"Hey Google Calendar, where's my husband?"
"He's at the bar helping save the children."

Early on though, I'm realizing one problem. Google Calender is the guy who always shows up late. "Oh, hey. Where have you been? I though you said you'd be here an hour ago... I'm three drinks in, I've made a scene, and I need someone to take me home now. You kind of left me out to dry on this one, you know?"

What happens is the G-C man always sends an e-mail telling me when to attend all of my important events. But, living in the suburbs and sharing a car, it often takes me between 30 minutes and an hour+ to get anywhere of importance. Most of these reminders come 10 minutes before the event. If I haven't already left, I'm in trouble.

So, thanks Google Calendar, my reliance on you has turned both of us into the "late" friend. I will continue to pour my heart out to you. All I ask in return is for an earlier heads up. A good friend always knows when it's time to leave. Start being a better friend and I will continue to post my schedule using the G-C.


Joe Dustin said...

You do know that these reminders can be configured for more than 10 mins in advance, right? Example, i give myself a 2 hour reminder on flights....for obvious reasons :-)

steve said...

yes, but i need an excuse