Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rain, Deer

Sometimes it's when a person decides to go against the norm, that they really start to see some of the more beautiful things in this world. Despite living in a suburban setting more than twenty miles from both my wife and my jobs, I am still holding out on purchasing a second car. Some of the decision has to do with money, some has to do with the fact that I don't feel like researching cars right now, and some of it stems from the enjoyment I get out of listening to people say "I don't know how you do it, I could NEVER pull it off." Well, I can, so maybe that makes me a better person, or maybe it just makes me a little more creative.

This past weekend has included a couple of fun adventures. I joined a fitness club/gym that's about 5 miles away. So far, my mode of transportation has been my bicycle. Since ten miles on the bike is a pretty good cardio workout, I spend less time at the gym, and I'm able to avoid the stationary bike zombies.

During a ride at dusk, temperatures had dipped to a slight chill as a light rain floated down from the closing eye of the dimming sky. For a moment, the wisp of a few distant cars disturbed the soft splatter of my bike tires carving through a blanket of water covering the road. My face gently absorbed the soft spray of rain drops and a delicate trance-like breeze that my gliding bicycle created. My mesmerizing surroundings made it easy to lose my focus. Two hundred yards down a rolling hill, a doe stepped out of the woods. My neighbor had told me all about the wildlife in the area, but I had yet to witness any of it, especially up close. Speeding down the hill, I slowly applied pressure to my brakes. As the doe casually wandered out toward the center line, I thought "wow" followed by "reach for my camera phone." My lack of balance and need to brake ruled out that idea. As I slowed my descent down the hill, the deer did not look up. For some reason, I wondered if this majestic animal was traveling alone, and in that instant, a second doe leaped from the woods about 15 feet in front of me. I leaned heavy on my wet brakes, causing a squeal enough to spook the doe. Each deer bounded off in opposite directions and I continued pedaling toward the gym.

If I had decided to drive, I would have taken a different route, a main road where the speed limit is higher and the route is much faster. But I also would have missed out on a close encounter with a couple of deer.

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