Saturday, April 4, 2009

people who whistle

nothing pisses me off more than when i'm walking the dog, working on getting him to walk loose leash, and someone goes by and whistles or makes kiss noises and keep walking... he has a natural instinct to go to the person making those noises.

he loves people. living in the city, we walk by a lot of them. one thing i want him to learn is if someone wants to pay attention to him, he can do so back, but he needs to leave alone the people who don't care. he's getting good at it, but he gets confused every time someone walks by and gives him that attention but doesn't stop.

ki'ipu's a small dog, and one thing i've noticed, when he runs at people's feet, they tend to get tripped up pretty good. so, to resolve the whistling/kissing noise issue with people, i've started giving him more slack on the leash whenever that happens. he runs up, trips them up, gets the attention... and they think twice before whistling next time...
I usually offer an overly dramatic "oh, i'm soooo sorry" and we're on our way.

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