Thursday, April 30, 2009

ki'ipu the ratter

Training is coming along very well. But recently I've run into a bit of an issue. The Irish Jack Russell was bred to hunt and kill mice and rats. On two consecutive nights last week, I watched as a mouse scurried across my living room floor. The problem: Ki'ipu just sat in his chair half asleep. I'm pretty sure he never even noticed it. I tried to wake him up by talking excitedly. It didn't work. I watched the mouse run into and out of two closets, so i tried to get Ki'ipu on its scent. Nothing.

It was right around midnight both nights. I understand the mouse thing is going to happen when you live in the city, especially next to train tracks the MBTA is doing work on. The problem is, I can't really put out mouse traps except in the kitchen. Ki'ipu is sure to get into them. He's not allowed in the kitchen, so I'm not as worried about that.

So if i can't lay mouse traps and my dog won't do his job, I'm left with a mouse problem, something I don't want to have to deal with.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

people who whistle

nothing pisses me off more than when i'm walking the dog, working on getting him to walk loose leash, and someone goes by and whistles or makes kiss noises and keep walking... he has a natural instinct to go to the person making those noises.

he loves people. living in the city, we walk by a lot of them. one thing i want him to learn is if someone wants to pay attention to him, he can do so back, but he needs to leave alone the people who don't care. he's getting good at it, but he gets confused every time someone walks by and gives him that attention but doesn't stop.

ki'ipu's a small dog, and one thing i've noticed, when he runs at people's feet, they tend to get tripped up pretty good. so, to resolve the whistling/kissing noise issue with people, i've started giving him more slack on the leash whenever that happens. he runs up, trips them up, gets the attention... and they think twice before whistling next time...
I usually offer an overly dramatic "oh, i'm soooo sorry" and we're on our way.

Friday, April 3, 2009

There are the people who love dogs and the people who are just kind-hearted. I'm used to people telling me they want to take ki'ipu home with them. And I don't blame them. When he's behaving, this guy can melt the coldest of souls. If that wasn't the case, we wouldn't have 15 people a day stopping us to ask about our doggie.
It's the one guy who is downright genuine though, that you remember.
We were walking behind Coolidge Corner. A man who appeared to be on the lower end of the financial spectrum caught a glimpse of the keepster as he was feeding the meter.
He shrieked with excitement, "Hold on, you have to wait one second. Oh my goodness."
"Okay!?! I thought. He ran to his car, which was a late 70s rust-colored beater of an Oldsmobile. His back seat disorderly and covered with trash, he leaned back into a box of 'big dog' bones and pulled one out. "My daughter would absolutely love this dog," he said as he handed Ki'ipu a bone the size of half his body. The bone, of the Milkbone brand, is not one I'd choose for the dog.
I believe 'pretentious' would be how people would describe us when it comes to our dog and the food we give him. Truth is, his food is probably more expensive than ours.
Anyway, instead of realizing immediately how genuinely nice this guy was, i was busy thinking about how i probably wouldn't ever give the bone to ki'ipu. He did end up getting it a few weeks later and what I got was a reminder of sorts that nice people are out there, sometimes it's our own fault because we aren't looking.
Also, I could probably learn a few things from that dude about giving.