Tuesday, March 31, 2009

that reminds me...

A few weeks back we were walking down beacon street, near coolidge corner. An older man stopped us on the street. As you know, that has become much less uncommon since we got the dogger. This conversation began pretty typically, the older gentleman raved about how adorable our dog was, asking what "kind" it is as he reached down to pet the little guy.
"Well sir, he's a Jack Russell." While he was still petting Ki'ipu, the man on the street immediately looked up, changing his tone from excited to accusatory. "You know they're unloyal (which according to my dictionary isn't actually a word) and they're agressive!" Gee, thanks for the advice, mister.

Jess and I were both speechless. So we just turned and walked away. What do you say to that, anyway?

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