Monday, March 30, 2009

Intro 3/31/09

I know it has been done. All kinds of people write about their dogs. Some turn them into best-selling books, while others take the whole "column in a newspaper" angle. Regardless, the goal is to sort of offer a peak into your life through episodes involving the dog. I figured that might not be a bad idea. It might help me figure a few things out. Already I've begun to figure out some things about other people.
In the two months we've had Ki'ipu, I've met more people than I could meet in a ten year period without a dog. In the city, no one dares start a conversation with a stranger... unless of course, that stranger has a cute little dog. Lucky for me, I have that dog; Ki'ipu McKinley the (hawi)irish jack russell. (hawaiian because he was born on pearl harbor day)

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