Tuesday, March 31, 2009

that reminds me...

A few weeks back we were walking down beacon street, near coolidge corner. An older man stopped us on the street. As you know, that has become much less uncommon since we got the dogger. This conversation began pretty typically, the older gentleman raved about how adorable our dog was, asking what "kind" it is as he reached down to pet the little guy.
"Well sir, he's a Jack Russell." While he was still petting Ki'ipu, the man on the street immediately looked up, changing his tone from excited to accusatory. "You know they're unloyal (which according to my dictionary isn't actually a word) and they're agressive!" Gee, thanks for the advice, mister.

Jess and I were both speechless. So we just turned and walked away. What do you say to that, anyway?

Monday, March 30, 2009

3/31 people story

We meet a LOT of people. To date, there are a few stories that stand out, ones we've told over and over to our friends. I've read Jacks draw a lot of laughs, but the true surprise is how much we laugh at the way people interact with ours.

so, stories will follow... not all about Ki'ipu, but more about how people respond to him. It's a good look at what kind of people we live side by side with but wouldn't interact with otherwise.

On the first warm day of late winter, we brought a relatively untrained Ki'ipu, still only about 9 weeks old, down to Newbury Street. We figured it'd be good to socialize him to crowds, especially living in the city. On our walk he drew a lot of "aw"s. Almost everyone we passed wanted the people they were with to "look at the puppy." A lot of people would ask to pet him, which is exactly why we brought him down there.

One trendy teenage girl took it a step further, she wanted a picture. I thought that was a little weird, but agreed to let her snap a photo. She immediately set down her starbucks coffee next to Ki'ipu and began fumbling with her cellphone camera. Now how do you think the Ki'ipster responded to that? He did what any curious puppy would do, he went right after the coffee. My wife was crouched down trying to keep a grip on the scrambling puppy. The girl asked, "can you keep him still for a second for the picture?"
"Um, maybe you should move the coffee" my wife fired back, at that point showing the slightest of irritation but still holding her tongue. The girl's response: "I need it in the picture to show my friends how small he is, can you please keep him away from it?" She took the picture and that's where the story ended, except Jess and I still can't get over the fact that it actually went down like that. It probably goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. Some people are idiots.

Intro 3/31/09

I know it has been done. All kinds of people write about their dogs. Some turn them into best-selling books, while others take the whole "column in a newspaper" angle. Regardless, the goal is to sort of offer a peak into your life through episodes involving the dog. I figured that might not be a bad idea. It might help me figure a few things out. Already I've begun to figure out some things about other people.
In the two months we've had Ki'ipu, I've met more people than I could meet in a ten year period without a dog. In the city, no one dares start a conversation with a stranger... unless of course, that stranger has a cute little dog. Lucky for me, I have that dog; Ki'ipu McKinley the (hawi)irish jack russell. (hawaiian because he was born on pearl harbor day)

Monday, March 23, 2009

thoughts for march

a month since the last posting.

a lot of times my dog looks at me like i'm an idiot... who says animals are dumb?

it's almost april... i'm rooting for snow... otherwise, all i have to bitch about is the cold.

on a serious note, the mbta pisses me off. they cry poverty, threaten service cuts and fare hikes, yet they talk about connecting the blue and red lines and expanding the green lines and all these upgrades -- and wifi on the trains... plus "ridership is on the rise"... well, where the fuck is all the extra money going?

who really believes we're coming out of the not-so-great depression?

there's a coffee machine at work. terrible coffee... it's free--- and you still don't get your money's worth.

more to come...