Tuesday, February 24, 2009

it would have taken about 15 minutes to walk home from coolidge corner last night, but i was cold and hopeful. i lost my winter hat, forgot my 180s (glorified ear muffs) and left my gloves in the car... the car my wife had... oh, and i didn't feel like spending the $6 for a cab.
i had already waited for the 66 bus for a solid 15 minutes, so i was still trying to warm up when i got to coolidge corner. at 12:10, i was hopeful a train would come soon.
i stood and stood and waited. the train never came. the mbta website says it was supposed to go by at 12:20... at 12:35, as i probably approached hypotheria, the last train of the night (going the other way)went by. the operator was nice enough to signal to me there were no more trains coming. so, freezing, i flagged down a cab and headed home.

Monday, February 9, 2009

training day IX

ki'ipu McKinley doesn't much care for the cold or the snow.

Today we're trying a strict schedule on the wee-wee front. so far, as expected, it's not working. he refuses to go to the bathroom on our schedule.
at least he goes in the right place though (most of the time).

Sunday, February 8, 2009

the chronicles of raising a puppy in the city

the first installment:
a week has passed. it seems like we just got the little guy. he has come out of his shell though.. and man, he's a handful.
things we're doing right:
probably nothing.
things we're doing wrong:
toilet training. he only seems to have accidents when I'm around though.
-everyone told me the dog would LOVE kong toys stuffed with peanut butter.
we quickly found out my dog doesn't like peanut butter (somewhere in there, there's a joke referencing the movie 'road trip')
my dog doesn't like walks. he apparently hates the cold... so, we put a little doggie shirt on him and he wouldn't leave the house. apparently he's fashion conscious.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

dirt dog

Sir Ki'ipu Mckinley has arrived. kipu (as in "key" and "poo" for short.
he seems to be sleeping well... except for when we're trying to sleep.
he's itching a lot. the breeder says it's the bedding he had been on. i just hope it's not scabies and i hope it goes away soon.

he weighs in at a solid 4 lbs.