Sunday, January 25, 2009

gobble gobble (with pics)

okay, so i must admit, i used to see this time of day much more often... and i miss it.
this morning, jessica's defective verizon (network shout-out!) phone alarm failed her. So, at 7:05am, I hopped out of bed, ran across the street and started the car. It's about a 3 minute drive to work, so, with getting ready and all, she was only about a half hour late... which is still bad, but what can you do.
oh yeah, did i mention it's about 10 degrees out?
i noticed something unusual on the drive back, just past the longwood t stop...
so, when i got home, i grabbed the camera and booked it down there... on foot...
they were on the next street over and i had been dressed warmly, but i got cold quickly.
here's what I saw:

but wait, there's more:

and apparently they don't like people watching them
which is why mom and dad turkey chased me halfway home.

gobble gobble!

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