Sunday, January 25, 2009

the dog

svoboda's right. my life has become "animal planet".
here's the new dog. name is still TBA.

we're bringing him home on saturday. i'm going to train him to chase turkeys (see below posting)

gobble gobble (with pics)

okay, so i must admit, i used to see this time of day much more often... and i miss it.
this morning, jessica's defective verizon (network shout-out!) phone alarm failed her. So, at 7:05am, I hopped out of bed, ran across the street and started the car. It's about a 3 minute drive to work, so, with getting ready and all, she was only about a half hour late... which is still bad, but what can you do.
oh yeah, did i mention it's about 10 degrees out?
i noticed something unusual on the drive back, just past the longwood t stop...
so, when i got home, i grabbed the camera and booked it down there... on foot...
they were on the next street over and i had been dressed warmly, but i got cold quickly.
here's what I saw:

but wait, there's more:

and apparently they don't like people watching them
which is why mom and dad turkey chased me halfway home.

gobble gobble!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

dull day

The food channel is probably more addictive than crack... never tried crack though, so i can't be sure.

My wife has a plant she's been watching for weeks, hoping it would flower. It took two cold days for it to finally bloom. The plant sits on top of the heater.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Warm Thoughts, Coffee and Fridays

Days like today I'm glad heat is included in my rent.

I'm convinced it's never "too cold"... it's just that we're under dressed.

I'm tired of being addicted to coffee... but every time i try to kick the habit, I'm tired from being addicted to coffee.

What if Friday became the new Wednesday? The weekend would suck, but I suppose Monday wouldn't be as bad.

I've already become the same type of dog owner I've always made fun of... and we haven't even gotten our dog yet.

Time to go clean the house.

Friday, January 9, 2009

winter, dogs, beer and southerners

I hate when everything freezes over. It's not the ride home that's scares me, it's walking to the car.

More snow coming this weekend. Everyone complains, no one does anything about it. If you hate it that much, move to the south. Not to mention, you can get a huge house for cheap down there. Granted you have to deal with people who live in the south... which in my masshole opinion, is worse than the weather.

Who's nicer on the whole, southerners or canadians? I'm getting sick just thinking about it.

I think i'm going to grow a beard. That's my way of saying i'm too lazy to shave today... maybe tomorrow.

Here's a thought about dive bars that carry good beer. Sure the beer's a buck or two cheaper than at a nicer bar, but if people are going because they don't want to spend the extra money, they're ordering a bud light, not guiness. So, what happens to good beer at a dive bar?

best way to avoid a hangover, don't drink alcohol.

on dogs: you're supposed to leave a radio or tv on while the dog's home alone. it's supposed to be good for their psyches. If i leave it on NPR, is my dog going to turn into a liberal?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

odds and ends

The updates have been infrequent. But, it's not like the people read this nonsense don't talk to me on a somewhat regular basis anyway. But, in case you missed it:

I've started a new job with new hours. It has forced me to give away a few games from my bruins season tickets. I probably could have sold them, but people appreciate gifts way more.

The holidays are over. Don't ask me how they were. I worked Christmas Eve, Day and same for new years.

We caught the christmas mouse that was lurking in the apartment; come to find out after the fact he had a taste for an old ornament filled with hershey kisses. That's why he'd make a b-line for the tree every night... well, until the night he got stuck on the glue trap (oh the humanity).

For my new years resolution, I actually quit the gym and have been on a candy/sweets binge for the past five days. Take that, 2009!

We're getting a puppy in 3 weeks. I'm pretty excited about that. It's an irish jack russell terrier. I'd hate to have to clean up after him if he turns out to be a Guiness drinker.

We've got a name picked out but we aren't telling anyone yet. Is it bad to give an Irish dog a Hawaiian name?

He's supposed to meet 100 strange/scary people in the first four weeks for socialization reasons. So basically, one trip on the green line would take care of that.

The thing i'm looking forward to the most: we were in the pet store the other day. they sell doggie life jackets. People will buy anything. Myself included, I'm getting one for the dog - and taking him on our kayaking adventures this summer.

The thing i'm least looking forward to: the whole waking up early on weekends to take him out to piss... oh yeah, and the ride on the green line.

I've resorted to listening to NPR on the drive to work. You want to talk about road rage. anyway, today as i was pulling into work, they ran a test of the emergency broadcast system. it didn't work. might want to get that one fixed... you know, in case there's an emergency.

I miss riding my bike. Flipping someone off is way more fun than beeping your horn at them.

and lastly, i bought a pair of tickets to the symphony for two weeks from now. got an awesome discount through an "under 40" program.
never got the tickets though. emailed them today to find out why, they said i have to prove my age before they give them up. apparently the NPR listening raises alarms.