Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Everyone seems down with the weather we've been having. Who can blame them, it's getting to me also. I suppose we ought to all come together and cheer each other up.
I'm going to start by greeting strangers on the street. It's something that draws confused looks in the city. "What, huh, did I do something wrong? Why are you saying hello to me?" That tends to be the general reaction. Dogs on the other hand do a wonderful job of greeting. Every time they pass another dog they want to stop and "say hello" with a sniff. I'll avoid the sniffing, but if you see me, expect a hello.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

on my way to work today...

I saw something strange... who needs a helmet when you have this:

Thursday, April 30, 2009

ki'ipu the ratter

Training is coming along very well. But recently I've run into a bit of an issue. The Irish Jack Russell was bred to hunt and kill mice and rats. On two consecutive nights last week, I watched as a mouse scurried across my living room floor. The problem: Ki'ipu just sat in his chair half asleep. I'm pretty sure he never even noticed it. I tried to wake him up by talking excitedly. It didn't work. I watched the mouse run into and out of two closets, so i tried to get Ki'ipu on its scent. Nothing.

It was right around midnight both nights. I understand the mouse thing is going to happen when you live in the city, especially next to train tracks the MBTA is doing work on. The problem is, I can't really put out mouse traps except in the kitchen. Ki'ipu is sure to get into them. He's not allowed in the kitchen, so I'm not as worried about that.

So if i can't lay mouse traps and my dog won't do his job, I'm left with a mouse problem, something I don't want to have to deal with.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

people who whistle

nothing pisses me off more than when i'm walking the dog, working on getting him to walk loose leash, and someone goes by and whistles or makes kiss noises and keep walking... he has a natural instinct to go to the person making those noises.

he loves people. living in the city, we walk by a lot of them. one thing i want him to learn is if someone wants to pay attention to him, he can do so back, but he needs to leave alone the people who don't care. he's getting good at it, but he gets confused every time someone walks by and gives him that attention but doesn't stop.

ki'ipu's a small dog, and one thing i've noticed, when he runs at people's feet, they tend to get tripped up pretty good. so, to resolve the whistling/kissing noise issue with people, i've started giving him more slack on the leash whenever that happens. he runs up, trips them up, gets the attention... and they think twice before whistling next time...
I usually offer an overly dramatic "oh, i'm soooo sorry" and we're on our way.

Friday, April 3, 2009

There are the people who love dogs and the people who are just kind-hearted. I'm used to people telling me they want to take ki'ipu home with them. And I don't blame them. When he's behaving, this guy can melt the coldest of souls. If that wasn't the case, we wouldn't have 15 people a day stopping us to ask about our doggie.
It's the one guy who is downright genuine though, that you remember.
We were walking behind Coolidge Corner. A man who appeared to be on the lower end of the financial spectrum caught a glimpse of the keepster as he was feeding the meter.
He shrieked with excitement, "Hold on, you have to wait one second. Oh my goodness."
"Okay!?! I thought. He ran to his car, which was a late 70s rust-colored beater of an Oldsmobile. His back seat disorderly and covered with trash, he leaned back into a box of 'big dog' bones and pulled one out. "My daughter would absolutely love this dog," he said as he handed Ki'ipu a bone the size of half his body. The bone, of the Milkbone brand, is not one I'd choose for the dog.
I believe 'pretentious' would be how people would describe us when it comes to our dog and the food we give him. Truth is, his food is probably more expensive than ours.
Anyway, instead of realizing immediately how genuinely nice this guy was, i was busy thinking about how i probably wouldn't ever give the bone to ki'ipu. He did end up getting it a few weeks later and what I got was a reminder of sorts that nice people are out there, sometimes it's our own fault because we aren't looking.
Also, I could probably learn a few things from that dude about giving.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

that reminds me...

A few weeks back we were walking down beacon street, near coolidge corner. An older man stopped us on the street. As you know, that has become much less uncommon since we got the dogger. This conversation began pretty typically, the older gentleman raved about how adorable our dog was, asking what "kind" it is as he reached down to pet the little guy.
"Well sir, he's a Jack Russell." While he was still petting Ki'ipu, the man on the street immediately looked up, changing his tone from excited to accusatory. "You know they're unloyal (which according to my dictionary isn't actually a word) and they're agressive!" Gee, thanks for the advice, mister.

Jess and I were both speechless. So we just turned and walked away. What do you say to that, anyway?

Monday, March 30, 2009

3/31 people story

We meet a LOT of people. To date, there are a few stories that stand out, ones we've told over and over to our friends. I've read Jacks draw a lot of laughs, but the true surprise is how much we laugh at the way people interact with ours.

so, stories will follow... not all about Ki'ipu, but more about how people respond to him. It's a good look at what kind of people we live side by side with but wouldn't interact with otherwise.

On the first warm day of late winter, we brought a relatively untrained Ki'ipu, still only about 9 weeks old, down to Newbury Street. We figured it'd be good to socialize him to crowds, especially living in the city. On our walk he drew a lot of "aw"s. Almost everyone we passed wanted the people they were with to "look at the puppy." A lot of people would ask to pet him, which is exactly why we brought him down there.

One trendy teenage girl took it a step further, she wanted a picture. I thought that was a little weird, but agreed to let her snap a photo. She immediately set down her starbucks coffee next to Ki'ipu and began fumbling with her cellphone camera. Now how do you think the Ki'ipster responded to that? He did what any curious puppy would do, he went right after the coffee. My wife was crouched down trying to keep a grip on the scrambling puppy. The girl asked, "can you keep him still for a second for the picture?"
"Um, maybe you should move the coffee" my wife fired back, at that point showing the slightest of irritation but still holding her tongue. The girl's response: "I need it in the picture to show my friends how small he is, can you please keep him away from it?" She took the picture and that's where the story ended, except Jess and I still can't get over the fact that it actually went down like that. It probably goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. Some people are idiots.

Intro 3/31/09

I know it has been done. All kinds of people write about their dogs. Some turn them into best-selling books, while others take the whole "column in a newspaper" angle. Regardless, the goal is to sort of offer a peak into your life through episodes involving the dog. I figured that might not be a bad idea. It might help me figure a few things out. Already I've begun to figure out some things about other people.
In the two months we've had Ki'ipu, I've met more people than I could meet in a ten year period without a dog. In the city, no one dares start a conversation with a stranger... unless of course, that stranger has a cute little dog. Lucky for me, I have that dog; Ki'ipu McKinley the (hawi)irish jack russell. (hawaiian because he was born on pearl harbor day)

Monday, March 23, 2009

thoughts for march

a month since the last posting.

a lot of times my dog looks at me like i'm an idiot... who says animals are dumb?

it's almost april... i'm rooting for snow... otherwise, all i have to bitch about is the cold.

on a serious note, the mbta pisses me off. they cry poverty, threaten service cuts and fare hikes, yet they talk about connecting the blue and red lines and expanding the green lines and all these upgrades -- and wifi on the trains... plus "ridership is on the rise"... well, where the fuck is all the extra money going?

who really believes we're coming out of the not-so-great depression?

there's a coffee machine at work. terrible coffee... it's free--- and you still don't get your money's worth.

more to come...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

it would have taken about 15 minutes to walk home from coolidge corner last night, but i was cold and hopeful. i lost my winter hat, forgot my 180s (glorified ear muffs) and left my gloves in the car... the car my wife had... oh, and i didn't feel like spending the $6 for a cab.
i had already waited for the 66 bus for a solid 15 minutes, so i was still trying to warm up when i got to coolidge corner. at 12:10, i was hopeful a train would come soon.
i stood and stood and waited. the train never came. the mbta website says it was supposed to go by at 12:20... at 12:35, as i probably approached hypotheria, the last train of the night (going the other way)went by. the operator was nice enough to signal to me there were no more trains coming. so, freezing, i flagged down a cab and headed home.

Monday, February 9, 2009

training day IX

ki'ipu McKinley doesn't much care for the cold or the snow.

Today we're trying a strict schedule on the wee-wee front. so far, as expected, it's not working. he refuses to go to the bathroom on our schedule.
at least he goes in the right place though (most of the time).

Sunday, February 8, 2009

the chronicles of raising a puppy in the city

the first installment:
a week has passed. it seems like we just got the little guy. he has come out of his shell though.. and man, he's a handful.
things we're doing right:
probably nothing.
things we're doing wrong:
toilet training. he only seems to have accidents when I'm around though.
-everyone told me the dog would LOVE kong toys stuffed with peanut butter.
we quickly found out my dog doesn't like peanut butter (somewhere in there, there's a joke referencing the movie 'road trip')
my dog doesn't like walks. he apparently hates the cold... so, we put a little doggie shirt on him and he wouldn't leave the house. apparently he's fashion conscious.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

dirt dog

Sir Ki'ipu Mckinley has arrived. kipu (as in "key" and "poo" for short.
he seems to be sleeping well... except for when we're trying to sleep.
he's itching a lot. the breeder says it's the bedding he had been on. i just hope it's not scabies and i hope it goes away soon.

he weighs in at a solid 4 lbs.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

the dog

svoboda's right. my life has become "animal planet".
here's the new dog. name is still TBA.

we're bringing him home on saturday. i'm going to train him to chase turkeys (see below posting)

gobble gobble (with pics)

okay, so i must admit, i used to see this time of day much more often... and i miss it.
this morning, jessica's defective verizon (network shout-out!) phone alarm failed her. So, at 7:05am, I hopped out of bed, ran across the street and started the car. It's about a 3 minute drive to work, so, with getting ready and all, she was only about a half hour late... which is still bad, but what can you do.
oh yeah, did i mention it's about 10 degrees out?
i noticed something unusual on the drive back, just past the longwood t stop...
so, when i got home, i grabbed the camera and booked it down there... on foot...
they were on the next street over and i had been dressed warmly, but i got cold quickly.
here's what I saw:

but wait, there's more:

and apparently they don't like people watching them
which is why mom and dad turkey chased me halfway home.

gobble gobble!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

dull day

The food channel is probably more addictive than crack... never tried crack though, so i can't be sure.

My wife has a plant she's been watching for weeks, hoping it would flower. It took two cold days for it to finally bloom. The plant sits on top of the heater.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Warm Thoughts, Coffee and Fridays

Days like today I'm glad heat is included in my rent.

I'm convinced it's never "too cold"... it's just that we're under dressed.

I'm tired of being addicted to coffee... but every time i try to kick the habit, I'm tired from being addicted to coffee.

What if Friday became the new Wednesday? The weekend would suck, but I suppose Monday wouldn't be as bad.

I've already become the same type of dog owner I've always made fun of... and we haven't even gotten our dog yet.

Time to go clean the house.

Friday, January 9, 2009

winter, dogs, beer and southerners

I hate when everything freezes over. It's not the ride home that's scares me, it's walking to the car.

More snow coming this weekend. Everyone complains, no one does anything about it. If you hate it that much, move to the south. Not to mention, you can get a huge house for cheap down there. Granted you have to deal with people who live in the south... which in my masshole opinion, is worse than the weather.

Who's nicer on the whole, southerners or canadians? I'm getting sick just thinking about it.

I think i'm going to grow a beard. That's my way of saying i'm too lazy to shave today... maybe tomorrow.

Here's a thought about dive bars that carry good beer. Sure the beer's a buck or two cheaper than at a nicer bar, but if people are going because they don't want to spend the extra money, they're ordering a bud light, not guiness. So, what happens to good beer at a dive bar?

best way to avoid a hangover, don't drink alcohol.

on dogs: you're supposed to leave a radio or tv on while the dog's home alone. it's supposed to be good for their psyches. If i leave it on NPR, is my dog going to turn into a liberal?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

odds and ends

The updates have been infrequent. But, it's not like the people read this nonsense don't talk to me on a somewhat regular basis anyway. But, in case you missed it:

I've started a new job with new hours. It has forced me to give away a few games from my bruins season tickets. I probably could have sold them, but people appreciate gifts way more.

The holidays are over. Don't ask me how they were. I worked Christmas Eve, Day and same for new years.

We caught the christmas mouse that was lurking in the apartment; come to find out after the fact he had a taste for an old ornament filled with hershey kisses. That's why he'd make a b-line for the tree every night... well, until the night he got stuck on the glue trap (oh the humanity).

For my new years resolution, I actually quit the gym and have been on a candy/sweets binge for the past five days. Take that, 2009!

We're getting a puppy in 3 weeks. I'm pretty excited about that. It's an irish jack russell terrier. I'd hate to have to clean up after him if he turns out to be a Guiness drinker.

We've got a name picked out but we aren't telling anyone yet. Is it bad to give an Irish dog a Hawaiian name?

He's supposed to meet 100 strange/scary people in the first four weeks for socialization reasons. So basically, one trip on the green line would take care of that.

The thing i'm looking forward to the most: we were in the pet store the other day. they sell doggie life jackets. People will buy anything. Myself included, I'm getting one for the dog - and taking him on our kayaking adventures this summer.

The thing i'm least looking forward to: the whole waking up early on weekends to take him out to piss... oh yeah, and the ride on the green line.

I've resorted to listening to NPR on the drive to work. You want to talk about road rage. anyway, today as i was pulling into work, they ran a test of the emergency broadcast system. it didn't work. might want to get that one fixed... you know, in case there's an emergency.

I miss riding my bike. Flipping someone off is way more fun than beeping your horn at them.

and lastly, i bought a pair of tickets to the symphony for two weeks from now. got an awesome discount through an "under 40" program.
never got the tickets though. emailed them today to find out why, they said i have to prove my age before they give them up. apparently the NPR listening raises alarms.