Friday, December 19, 2008

there's a mouse in the house

I had caught a glimpse of the black death-mouse in the past... once under the kitchen cabinet... but i didn't get a great view, so i shrugged it off. Recently though, this mouse has become more bold and brazen, practically taunting me with his escapades through the living room. He has come out while we're watching TV. I've seen him, I've chased him (and man, he's fast). But now he knows i want to kill him. and he only seems to come out as soon as the lights go off.
I've set out a series of traps. Still, nothing.
I do know he likes the christmas tree and he likes the christmas presents. He likes hershey kisses.
I don't know how to catch him.
Thus begins the quest to catch the black death-mouse.

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