Tuesday, November 4, 2008

a reason not to vote

Dear American Democracy,

I've been saving this one up for four years (well, two if you count the last state election). What's worse, a crack addict or a person who doesn't vote? From the reaction I've gotten, they're about the same. How could you not vote? It's your right and your duty as an American.

Here's another right and duty: the right to shut up and stop telling other people what to do. Think for yourself, let others do the same for themselves.
Many will argue it's the most important election of our lifetime. In that case, I'm definitely not voting. Here's why.

Let's say it's dinner time and I'm really craving a lean burger... some lettuce, tomato, pickle and the bun baked fresh. So, I walk up to a restaurant, check over the menu, only to find out it's a chinese restaurant. Great, food that will sit in your stomach with the weight of a cinder block. It's not a tough call, I'm not eating there.

But wait, the chinese food restaurant has a delicious libertarian burger on the menu.
-- awesome... I go in, order the Libertarian burger, only to find out most people don't know what that is so they don't order it. And, since no one orders it, even though it's on the menu, it's out of stock. I'm not getting that burger... and, everyone turns to look if i get up and walk out of the restaurant without eating.

That's how I feel about voting - only, instead of just one meal, it's FOUR FUCKING YEARS OF MY LIFE. I'm not settling for greasy chinese food when I want a lean, healthy burger, so how can you expect me waste the massive responsibiliy of voting by settling for a candidate who isn't even close to what I'm looking for.

As far as I'm concerned, based on the lies and attacks by both candidates, neither is truly a stand-up guy. I don't trust either of them to do what's best for the country. I have friends who would do anything for me and expect nothing in return. These guys tell me they'll do just about anything just to get something in return (my vote).

The state elections this year are a joke. An incumbent who rallied millions of voters in 2004 in John Kerry - or a guy no one's ever heard of. I'm not a John Kerry guy, but I'm also not a guy who walks to the chinese restaurant looking for a burger when I know they aren't going to have one. In other words, voting in the state election's a waste of my time.

The Questions: #1 - Should we get rid of the income tax? Probably the only thing I truly care about at the polls today. But, I'm still undecided... and if I haven't made up my mind by now, it's not fair to the people affected by the vote if I make an impulse decision.

The pros vs the cons: I think it would send a clear message to the government, but I also think they would miss that message. Paying taxes isn't the problem, it's government mismanagement. It's going to happen with or without the income tax. Without the tax they'd raise other taxes while cutting all the wrong programs and costing people their jobs. I believe the income tax to be unconstitutional, but I don't want my vote to be responsible for costing people their jobs...

Question 2 - might be for it if I was still in college. Not sure where I'd stand if I was a parent. Right now, don't care either way.

Question 3 - Complete Apathy. I don't go to the track and I don't work at the track, but some people do. If the dogs are being abused, fix it. regulate it. But, at the same time, if you can do it without putting people out of jobs, that might be a better way to go.

Some people may try and argue the holes in my argument. Sure, it's not air tight. But to them I say, neither is your argument as to why I should vote. It's not my duty to vote just because people say it is... your reasoning has the same huge holes.

Yours in democracy,

Another Disenfranchised Voter

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