Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This country f***ing sucks

Most days after the morning meeting, we wander from work over to the Starbucks at Government Center. Today was no different - well, at least the part about going to get coffee anyway. Dozens of government employees spilled out into city hall plaza. One random passerby - a middle-aged woman wearing a lovely powder blue shirt decided she knew exactly what was going on. At the top of her lungs, she repeated the anthem "This country f'cking sucks!" There were also a few "There are no terrorists" chants thrown in at one point... and there was something about 7 years ago i couldn't make out (likely a reference to 9/11)...
anyway, come to find out, the JFK building evac was a fire drill... basically an excuse for A bunch of federal employees to clog the line at the Buck. This lady continued to scream and holler and make plenty of people uncomfortable. Homeland security officers just stood around and watched. The whole thing made me realize something. In other (allegedly better) countries, someone would have shot the screaming bitch - shutting her up and putting her out of her friggin misery. In this sucky country though, we could never get away with that. Apparently people have rights. What a waste.

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Jeff said...

No one calls Starbucks "The Buck"

Shenanigans, called.