Friday, October 10, 2008

the economy? nope

i visited three grocery stores today (actually, i haven't been to the third one yet, i'm on my way immediately after this is posted). I wasn't shopping around to find the lowest price, although, with the economy tanking, that may not have been a bad idea. I started at trader joes - looking for 3 separate items - brats, sauerkraut and torpedo rolls. I chose trader joes because they're the only place that sells the protein bars i eat, so i figured, while i'm there, i'll pick some up. At the traders, i found brats (made of pork, my least favorite meat). My efforts to find the other two products proved futile when i asked a sales associate who informed me they didn't have either (sorry about the run-on sentence). so, it was off to johnnys. Johnny's came through in a big way on sauerkraut - but no sub rolls. The sub rolls would have to wait. I needed to get home and get everything into the crock pot. It's simmering. It smells fantastic. I'm excited to eat - as soon as i get back from Shaws (or star market, whatever the one on boylston's called).

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