Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Beaujolais Party

Winter is right around the corner...
And for all you wine-os, that means The beaujolais is on the way --- two months if my math is correct.
An excuse to party! So, who's throwing the 'overpriced cheap wine' party this year?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

anyone wondering where i went? (very loosely based on a true story)

Some of you probably figured I jumped off a cliff...

and while that's not totally untrue....

... i landed in the water and lived to tell about it. I survived that, only to have a parrot try to eat me.

I escaped sans my hat button...thanks to the help of these monkeys...

then, i got a little tipsy

and somehow wound up spending the night in prison (alcatraz)

luckily, my new wife

managed to help me escape using this tandem bike

and as the sun set on our honeymoon,

I took time to reflect....

and realized, all in all - the wedding and honeymoon were everything my new wife and i could have hoped for.