Friday, August 8, 2008

boston: city of pricks

i met some nice folks on the -t- today. they were out-of-towners. i could tell because they weren't total prick bags and they weren't batshit crazy... oh yeah, and the mom talked to me... even though i had headphones on. (secretly i'm a nice person always looking to engage in a conversation. i keep my headphones low just in case someone wants to talk... but i have an image to uphold as well... one which includes not using capital letters in my blog postings... but i digress).

at one point, the train jerked forward - the woman stumbled toward me - landing two or three feet away. She proceeded to apologize, presumably for invading my personal space. HA! I responded with a chuckle, "It's fine. this is the city - and this (gesturing a measurement with my hands that stretched an inch or so) is the extent of personal space." Her husband seemed indifferent - her collegebound son, embarrassed as she asked in her thick southern accent if i grew up here and if i liked the city. she explained how her son was looking at school up here. then, as quick as they arrived, their stop came up and they were gone.

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