Thursday, August 14, 2008

hacking the t

are you kidding me? The MBTA going after MIT students to keep them from telling people how to hack into the T and possibly get free rides. The full three-step process is listed below:

1. go to an above-ground green line stop during rush hour.
2. get on via the back door.
3. ignore trolley operator when he/she announces "please come to the front and pay your fare."

and for the record, i'm a good ole' law abiding citizen with a monthly pass.

Olympic Fever

900 gold medals later, i'm kind of sick of it. Except maybe for this event... something about dancing horses.
Also, I think 2012 should do a "city cycling" event - best time wins. Obstacles would include opening car doors (both from the side of the road and in traffic), double-parked box trucks, indecisive pedestrians crossing far from crosswalks and cars turning right from the left lane... not to mention, red lights with cross traffic(cross at your own risk or wait til green). let's make it happen, people!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

straying from the norm today

My ride to work has been dull lately... so, instead, i'll use this forum today to go off on a tangent...

Once in a while i read message boards on the herald and globe. Part of it's boredom, part of it's curiosity about whether i think the same on a particular story. Lately, on two or three occasions, i've skimmed through comments on the "Rockefeller" story de jour.

To my amusement, there's always a couple of comedic individuals who feel the need to trash the herald and how it's "sooo tabloid" and they should cover "real news"...
yet, they're taking the time to log on, read the article, register for an account that lets you comment - then they're commenting about how the herald is waisting their time!

and while I don't necessarily disagree with these comments all the time, i'm not the type to go into go to a restaurant, trash the chef in front of everyone if i don't like the food, and then come back and order the same dish... for one, it's bad etiquette, for two, it's general douchebaggery and for three, i don't enjoy spit in my food... just saying...

The quote of the day on the Herald website comes from "TMAC" it reads:If I read one more article about Clark Rockfeller, I'm literally going to puke

Um, here's an idea, why don't you NOT GO TO THE HERALD WEBSITE WHERE THERE'S SURE TO BE ANOTHER ROCKEFELLER ARCTICLE... and if you do, why don't you NOT CLICK THE LINK THAT ALLOWS YOU TO READ ANOTHER ROCKEFELLER ARTICLE... unless of course you enjoy puking...

I don't know about you guys, but this Rockefeller von Hindenburg story has become my guilty pleasure. I know it's not important "News", but man, it's one hell of an interesting real-life story... it has more twists and turns than some of the mystery novels i've read (okay, more like some of the mystery thriller movies i've seen)... and it's happening right here in boston...

Friday, August 8, 2008

boston: city of pricks

i met some nice folks on the -t- today. they were out-of-towners. i could tell because they weren't total prick bags and they weren't batshit crazy... oh yeah, and the mom talked to me... even though i had headphones on. (secretly i'm a nice person always looking to engage in a conversation. i keep my headphones low just in case someone wants to talk... but i have an image to uphold as well... one which includes not using capital letters in my blog postings... but i digress).

at one point, the train jerked forward - the woman stumbled toward me - landing two or three feet away. She proceeded to apologize, presumably for invading my personal space. HA! I responded with a chuckle, "It's fine. this is the city - and this (gesturing a measurement with my hands that stretched an inch or so) is the extent of personal space." Her husband seemed indifferent - her collegebound son, embarrassed as she asked in her thick southern accent if i grew up here and if i liked the city. she explained how her son was looking at school up here. then, as quick as they arrived, their stop came up and they were gone.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

two things i didn't see coming...

i decided i wasn't going to squish into the front of the green line train today. i had the monthly pass on me, so i held it up and headed for a back door. when i stepped on board, i immediately noticed two things afoul: An overwhelming and horrible stench of body odor consuming the train along with several security cameras.
The security cameras were probably installed to catch gropers, thieves and vandals in the act. It's the first time i've noticed them on a 'c' line train. I imagine they work as a fantastic deterrent to the offending parties. As a lax libertarian, i don't particularly care for them, but i'm not doing anything wrong, so they ain't gonna catch me...

Unfortunately, there's one thing the cameras can't catch that i wish they would... it's an offending odor... Thus, my sense of smell was forced to suffer on my morning commute... If only closed-circuit smell-o-vision really existed..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Review: Coldplay, remember when...

After work last night, instead of heading home, I was one of the "lucky" thousands of people who got to take in Coldplay at the TD Bank North Garden... The final concert of the band's North American leg of the tour brought me the closure that I the ex-girlfriend who you run into years later - you just remember all the good times you had, and why you loved her in the first place... but you also remember why you broke up, and ultimately, you know you made the right choice.

Beginning sometime in college, presumably around the year 2000, I hopped on the Coldplay bandwagon... a place I would stay for several years. Our relationship grew more serious with their second Grammy-winning album... It got so bad, that one time, when i was working for the Fox 2-5, i spent nearly an hour injecting every imaginable coldplay song title into a script for a coldplay story.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end...and with the (in my opinion)less-than-spectacular release of X&Y, and two somewhat-disappointing concert experiences, our relationship began to sour and Coldplay and I sort of decided to go our seperate ways...

Fast forward to last night - A friend with a free ticket... I knew the "ex" would be there and i was curious - I decided to see if the old "sparks" would fly...

The first song was off their new album - I sort of recognized it, everyone else sang along. I felt a little out of place. I remember the old band, the one I grew to love - but there was a noticeable change.

As the concert went on, I looked around and noticed everyone else appeared to be having a fantastic time... many of them from a younger generation (mind you, i'm only 27)... they were all fans who hadn't had their hearts broken by the band. It reminded me why I "fell in love" with coldplay in the first place... Suddenly I felt waves of nostalgia and even a slight chill when they played "Fix You", a song that a critic once said would have made the album way better if it were Keane's "somewhere only we know". Most of the time, i'd have to agree... but for tonight - it was like our first kiss all over again...

That quick burst of emotion began to fade as I watched Chris Martin flail around the stage like he was having a seizure. Perhaps he knew I was there... trying a little too hard to win me back... as if HE hadn't moved on and he was trying to get my attention... letting me know, HE was the center of attention...

Either way, I thought he was trying too hard... and it made things even more awkward... (and to be honest, i'm not the best dancer, but if i ever pulled some of his moves in public, i'd expect to be sucker punched in the face.) No one else seemed to notice how hard he was trying, seeming to enjoy every second of his antics. After all, love is blind - unfortunately, I had fallen out of love.

Perhaps it was jealousy on my part - Coldplay has gotten too big for me... Chris Martin actually dedicated a song to Tom Brady, who was rumored to be in the audience and to have spent part of the day hanging out with the band.

Overall, The experience brought a flood of emotions - enjoyment, happiness, relief and sadness.
Sadness because this isn't the coldplay I remember. they played just one song (Yellow) off of their critically acclaimed/grammy award winning first album (Parachutes)... and less than half of their second (also grammy winning) album (rush of blood...).

Enjoyment - the songs they did play were beautiful at times - just the way I remember them...

Happiness - i'm glad to see Coldplay has found a new fan base and can go on without me... (i didn't suspect they'd have much "trouble")... they're doing well, better than when i loved them... it's good to see... i'm happy for them.

Relief/Closure - i was satisfied with my decision to move on... we can still remain casual friends - i will continue to enjoy their albums from time to time... especially the nostalgia of the old days (old albums)... but the love that was once there has definitely faded...

A few final notes -
-the confetti was shaped like butterflies... The indy/alternative band i used to know never would have gone that cheesy.

-I saw teenage girls who were so moved by the performance, they were still teary-eyed as i was leaving... or maybe their eyes were watering because they got poked in the face with the butterfly confetti...

-The 40-something year-old fat guy behind me was three sheets to the wind and kept up his ear-piercing whistling throughout the night... despite numerous death stares... he apologized a few times but continued whistling.... at one point, he screamed "the scientist!"... dude, really? Chris Martin to fat guy: Oh hey, fat drunk guy who isn't sitting even close to within an earshot of the stage, you want to hear "the scientist"? sure... i'll get right on that..

-Gweneth showed up, everyone went nuts... would have been cool to see her... (seinfeld was there too...)

-Special effects were well put together and definitely enhanced the show.

-Vocals on some heavier songs were hard to hear/understand

-Best song of the night : Politik (first song of the encore)... that song absolutely blows the roof off any venue they play anytime they play it (remember when they played it at the grammys?)

-runner up (a song i hadn't heard): "yes" - it's system of a down on a lot of Ritalin...

-the globe says drummer Will Champion is "the band's true MVP" - agreed.