Tuesday, July 1, 2008

why'd the idiot cross the road?

lately on my rides in (including today), i have become particularly annoyed with the ambicrossing pedestrians. they cross when the light is red, they cross when the light is green, regardless of whether traffic is coming.

now don't get me wrong, i'm a big fan of running red lights on my bike and jaywalking when i'm on foot (or blade), but i do so with regard for others. i acknowledge in those situations, i do NOT have the right of way, and thus, i yield until i can make it across safely without causing an inconvenience to any oncoming traffic.

The point is, if we all played fair, i wouldn't be nearly as angry.

today, it was a family of meatballs that strolled out into the middle of mass ave at boylston. the mom - pushing a baby carriage - left me to wonder where the closest trailer park is located. with no regard for anyone else, they sauntered across as traffic came to a hault. As much as i'd like to see them get run over, with mandatory massachusetts insurance, I end up paying for them to recover.

As I continue my ride down boylston, there are people jaywalking and those pulling my favorite move, deciding to cross in front of traffic the instant the light turns green.
You just had 30 seconds and you hesitated, now wait another 30 seconds!

The previous rant has no conclusion other than "if you aren't going to obey traffic laws, at least proceed with caution and respect the fact that other people do follow the rules."

no funny metaphor, no bad puns, no terrible jokes. i don't have time for any of them since i'm running late today... i was busy stopping every 5 seconds so i didn't run over people who weren't even supposed to be in the roadway in the first place.

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