Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A scam, a ticket and a tow from the department of corruption

Gotta love the DCR. There's no sign of any "no stopping" sign on google maps. Thus, for months, I've parked in one of the two spots on Park Drive, just south of the yellow-painted sidewalk at the corner of Beacon... Never got a ticket because they're both legal spots... well, they used to be.

Apparently DCR officials decided revenues weren't great, so at some point last week, they threw up another pole with a "snow emergency" sign, a "street cleaning" sign (both of these types of signs are common on that street... so most likely, you wouldn't even notice new ones)... but at the top of this one, there was also a rather inconspicuous "no stopping" sign... the old "yellow-painted sidewalk" is still there and clear as day... no additional paint, nothing... But there are two spots in front of the non-painted sidewalk that are all-of-a-sudden no longer legal spots.

We were out of town all weekend and noticed monday while walking home - we got towed... tow and "storage" - $200, ticket $30. Travel time to the tow lot in JP (without the luxury of a car) - 1 hour. Fantastic!

I talked to the woman at the tow lot. she says the sign is brand new and they towed something like 20 cars on one day this weekend, probably Saturday. While we were there, the tow operator came over the nextel... "Towing two cars at the corner of Park and Beacon"... two more suckers.

The worst part is, despite the rather inconspicuous placement of these new signs, I'm pretty sure there's no way to fight it.

It'd be nice to get a warning "hey, we've recently decided you can't park here anymore even though you've been doing it for quite some time. Do it again and we'll tow you".... and while you could probably recoup the $30 ticket, the $200 from the tow lot is as good as gone.

What a scam!

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