Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wilford Brimley, where are you?

No, the post is not about quaker oats...

Every year, thousands of obese diabetes-proned children and adults decend on city hall... and they do so for a dangerously good cause... the largest all-you-can-eat ice cream event in the country... It's called The Scooper Bowl. All the proceeds go to cancer research through the Jimmy Fund... but do they?

I contend the Jimmy Fund's neighbor - Joslin, is in on it too.
This event appears to thumb its nose at the clinic... a binge that almost guarantees you get diabetes - with no money going toward the diabetes clinic.... but in fact, look deeper.

The Joslin Diabetes Clinic stands a stone's throw away from Dana Farber... which is where a large amount of Jimmy's funds go. You know Joslin is looking when the Brinks truck rolls up with several bags of cash - all being carried into the building next door... Yet, no sense of jealousy - not even when the diabetes (scooper) bowl delivers a huge check each year to cancer patients.

The secret might be hidden in a youtube remix video... Wilford Brimley's in on it and somehow, and so is Falco. Don't believe me? Check this out :

What you may or may not have realized watching the video, the sugar and fat binge at the scooper bowl sends dozens and dozens of people every year into diabetic shock... But where do those "victims" go? You guessed it - Joslin Diabetes Clinic. Patients mean money. Money means research. Research means MORE MONEY!!!

With that said, tomorrow I plan to extend my support to both Cancer and Diabetes Research...
See you at the Scooper Bowl and see you at Joslin!!!

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