Thursday, June 26, 2008

the happier side of danger

Apparently scientists found some sort of "adventure gene" today. I found it a long time ago. How else would you explain rollerblading down the middle of city streets (as if biking wasn't dangerous enough)... not to mention, this blog = dangerous! Okay, maybe not. but yeah, each morning i decide to set out on the street, it's a complete blackout. Danger makes you forget about all the stresses that truly don't matter. So, for about a half hour each day, the only stress involves worrying about getting hit by a car... which is scary - but not nearly as scary as having to wake up every morning to go to work until you're 85.

Update: More people die from work-related accidents than from rollerblading to work.
That's a fact. whether it's job that's physically dangerous or one that involves enough stress to give you a heart attack, it still takes more lives per year than rollerblading probably ever has.

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