Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the cost of more riders

Where will they all fit? A new report says MBTA ridership continues to increase... I'd provide a link to that report, but I haven't quite figured out all the intricacies of blogging yet... Plus, the article blows huge holes in my argument (example:"Revenue collection is up 13 percent, or about $4.4 million")... My initial thought: Great... except... that means the -T- is becoming even more overcrowded with fare-evaders. The green line in particular is already miserably overcrowded (during rush hour)... and I watch as plenty of people get on without paying. As it stands, I can barely find a spot to squeeze into on the train... The Addition of more fare-evading riders is sure force at least some paying people to consider alternative options. In turn, the already struggling -T- will actually lose money and slide further into debt... All because of increased ridership!
By the way, I rode my bike to work today.

and by and by the way, here's the article that blows huge holes in my argument

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