Tuesday, June 17, 2008

back on track

Took yesterday off, but finally I'm back on days.
my sleep schedule is screwed up a bit, but I'm back on track - which is why i took the train this morning... that and because every weatherperson in town said it was going to rain all week. it was nice out this morning... nothing like the torrential downpours and massive lightning storms we saw last night DURING my softball game. Ump didn't want to call it though... apparently, with the slumping economy, he needed the $50 or so he gets paid to get yelled at for making bad calls. Worst call of all: letting people play in a severe storm... But, it is a hospital league... and there were plenty of doctors and nurses there... many of them work in the Intensive care unit at children's hospital... So, if someone did get struck by lightning, my guess is the survival rate would be high... Also, for our team's record-sake, it's a good thing the game didn't get called.. We pulled off an exciting comeback in the bottom of the last (seventh) inning!

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