Monday, June 30, 2008

faster than a speeding traffic of course..

I cycled down the middle lane of boylston street today. Now, if this seems dangerous, that's because it probably is.
but today, no cars seemed to be able to keep up with me. no one honked, no one even got close enough to consider honking. the cars were like lightning and i was like a small car in a city of tall buildings.... (the lightning could not strike me). i've been at work for a half hour... already, i'm ready to head home.

Friday, June 27, 2008

please pass the oj and mayo

I played basketball this afternoon before work, so instead of writing about some wild event on the way to work, i've decided to offer my insight on yesterday's NBA draft. Everyone's talking about out. I turned on ESPN this morning and they were talking about some monster trades. So, here's my take: I have absolutely no idea what's going on. I continue to prove both on and off the court - Basketball is not my sport.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

the happier side of danger

Apparently scientists found some sort of "adventure gene" today. I found it a long time ago. How else would you explain rollerblading down the middle of city streets (as if biking wasn't dangerous enough)... not to mention, this blog = dangerous! Okay, maybe not. but yeah, each morning i decide to set out on the street, it's a complete blackout. Danger makes you forget about all the stresses that truly don't matter. So, for about a half hour each day, the only stress involves worrying about getting hit by a car... which is scary - but not nearly as scary as having to wake up every morning to go to work until you're 85.

Update: More people die from work-related accidents than from rollerblading to work.
That's a fact. whether it's job that's physically dangerous or one that involves enough stress to give you a heart attack, it still takes more lives per year than rollerblading probably ever has.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now back to the show

I was going to write something today but i got sidetracked.
tomorrow (or the day after) on the blog: my feelings on fat people - a runner's perspective.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

rain on this parade

some bad news for the blog, there will be no entry today. I will instead be using the time I normally use to write - hanging out at the parade. it's tough working @ government center.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the bus driver was a local guy

as i set out on my run home tonight, i hustled over beacon hill - only to see a brush hill tour bus being driven with a police escort. That means there's definitely someone famous on board. On any given day it could have been a group of foreign dignitaries or any other group of the utmost importance. Today though, I knew. As the first police motorcycle passed, I began to make my move. I headed out into the road - loosening my thumbs as I jogged. The second bike went by and there was only pavement and two yellow lines between me and the bus. I raised my arms, cocked my thumbs and tipped them into the downward position. The symbol of pride for my city did not go unnoticed. The bus driver didn't give any "angry get out of the way" honks, rather, he offered a "i see you buddy and I know you know who I'm driving and I'm rooting for the celtics and if I have the chance, I'm crashing this bus full of Lakers" series of honks. I held my position as the bus rolled up the hill - hoping someone on the other side of those tinted windows was looking out the window, watching and remembering they don't stand a chance here in Boston.

back on track

Took yesterday off, but finally I'm back on days.
my sleep schedule is screwed up a bit, but I'm back on track - which is why i took the train this morning... that and because every weatherperson in town said it was going to rain all week. it was nice out this morning... nothing like the torrential downpours and massive lightning storms we saw last night DURING my softball game. Ump didn't want to call it though... apparently, with the slumping economy, he needed the $50 or so he gets paid to get yelled at for making bad calls. Worst call of all: letting people play in a severe storm... But, it is a hospital league... and there were plenty of doctors and nurses there... many of them work in the Intensive care unit at children's hospital... So, if someone did get struck by lightning, my guess is the survival rate would be high... Also, for our team's record-sake, it's a good thing the game didn't get called.. We pulled off an exciting comeback in the bottom of the last (seventh) inning!

Friday, June 13, 2008

something spooky?

it's been a long week working late. tonight i walked part of the way home. tomorrow's the big move, so i didn't want to run and exhaust myself. I took the t the rest of the way.
friday the thirteenth had nothing to offer. no black cats, no ladders, just a bunch of annoyingly drunk people on the T... which is not bad luck, it's just bad etiquette...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


i think i'm going to be sick... (see yesterday's blog post)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wilford Brimley, where are you?

No, the post is not about quaker oats...

Every year, thousands of obese diabetes-proned children and adults decend on city hall... and they do so for a dangerously good cause... the largest all-you-can-eat ice cream event in the country... It's called The Scooper Bowl. All the proceeds go to cancer research through the Jimmy Fund... but do they?

I contend the Jimmy Fund's neighbor - Joslin, is in on it too.
This event appears to thumb its nose at the clinic... a binge that almost guarantees you get diabetes - with no money going toward the diabetes clinic.... but in fact, look deeper.

The Joslin Diabetes Clinic stands a stone's throw away from Dana Farber... which is where a large amount of Jimmy's funds go. You know Joslin is looking when the Brinks truck rolls up with several bags of cash - all being carried into the building next door... Yet, no sense of jealousy - not even when the diabetes (scooper) bowl delivers a huge check each year to cancer patients.

The secret might be hidden in a youtube remix video... Wilford Brimley's in on it and somehow, and so is Falco. Don't believe me? Check this out :

What you may or may not have realized watching the video, the sugar and fat binge at the scooper bowl sends dozens and dozens of people every year into diabetic shock... But where do those "victims" go? You guessed it - Joslin Diabetes Clinic. Patients mean money. Money means research. Research means MORE MONEY!!!

With that said, tomorrow I plan to extend my support to both Cancer and Diabetes Research...
See you at the Scooper Bowl and see you at Joslin!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mom said never talk to strangers

Words to live by... Words most of us are taught at a very young age... Never talk to strangers! Mom and dad obviously had a good reason for teaching this to us... just like they had a good reason for teaching us how to walk, talk and pee standing up. It's stuff that becomes useful later on in life... like when we're on the T. As far as I'm aware, there's an unwritten rule stemming from what our parents taught us. It states: Don't talk to strangers ON THE T.

Having commuted by T for a few years, I've not only observed this to be true, but I also choose to abide by it. Rule of thumb, if you're nervous about it, headphones in definitely means no one bothers you.

On a blisteringly hot day, after standing out in the beating sun for 10 minutes, or standing in a steamy underground subway station with no a/c, setting foot on the train feels like you've entered some sort of Mecca (not the one in Saudi Arabia, as I imagine it's fiercely hot there). The cool air conditioning hitting your face, you forget the pain of standing and sweating that was with you just minutes before.

Apparently that's enough for people to forget about rules they were raised on.
I encountered 3 - yes, 3 people who decided to engage total strangers in conversation.
One - across from me, as i rummaged through my bag, searching for my Ipod, very excitedly exclaimed something about hand lotion... You have hand lotion? My hands dry...
Wait, seriously?
Where you from, where you work? how you like here?
In case you couldn't guess, this guy was the stereotypical friendly Asian man.
A retired construction worker/vietnam vet sitting two seats from me joined the conversation...
I know this because he offered it up freely.

Fast forward to the ride home - creepy 40ish man hitting on a couple of young girls, possibly underage (not that it should matter since he shouldn't be talking in the first place). He complimented them so much, I think it scared them off the train. He proceeded to bother the guy with a Rubik cube and then an older woman who looks like she had consumed one too many mint juleps. He hit on her and eventually they were talking politics... I can barely talk politics with people I like without wanting to kill them. I couldn't imagine doing it with strangers. Someone would wind up dead. The entire time I'm remembering what my mother once taught me. It got to the point where I almost had to start gasping for air. Lucky for me, my stop came just in time. I rushed to the exit without saying a word.
I'm home, safe and sound. But I know, somewhere out there, there are people talking to strangers.

Friday, June 6, 2008

smoking with shorts

Most of the time, I'm a health nut. I've been known to binge from time to time, but haven't we all?
When I do choose to run the bender, something I'll never do is order a Big Mac, large fry and a Diet Coke or a buffalo chicken sandwich, cup of New England Clam chowder and swap the fries for a side salad... oh, and a slice of cheesecake for desert...

You're fighting yourself when you do this. It completely defeats anything you're trying to accomplish. And, your lack of confidence in general becomes apparent in the fact you don't have the confidence to stick with one concept. Healthy? or Not Healthy? Pick One!!!

Observe: a guy today walking near Cambridge street. I'm trailing him, eating my lunch - a protein bar, protein drink and a banana. That's a healthy lunch. This guy has a healthy lunch too. I immediately notice the Whole Foods bag. I can't make out exactly what everything is, but it looks very green. I couldn't get a clean look though because he was blowing cigarette smoke in my face. No heart disease, just lung cancer. Good luck with that.

Without even looking in the bag, there was a clear giveaway. The dude was sporting a pair of
cargo shorts accompanied by... a hooded sweatshirt. Short pants, long sleeves, hood.
Is he Cold or Not? Come to think of it, it doesn't matter... Dude's not going to be allowed out of his hospital gown after he's diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jury Duty and The Angry Field Trip Chaperone

Almost everyone I know hates jury duty. Although, I do know one person who actually got upset when she was dismissed. I never understood what the draw was with that one... Perhaps she was excited about the possibility of a juror field trip. In case you don't know, sometimes jurors are allowed to leave the "box". A charter bus drives to the scene of the crime so they can visualize what may or may not have happened. A police officer gets to play chaperone - escorting the bus - sometimes on a motorcycle, sometimes in a car. I have no evidence to back this up, but I want to believe someone packs a bunch of bag lunches so the jurors can have a picnic while they're out.

Around 9:25 this morning, I spotted four buses lined up outside Suffolk Superior (on cambridge street). I always get excited when i see the buses because i think "FUN, GRUESOME GROWN-UP FIELD TRIP!!!" In front - a lone chaperone sat in his cruiser... so, either one really big jury was heading out or a few troopers were running a bit late for the other juries.

As I crossed Cambridge Street, seemingly out of nowhere, a loud voice penetrated the normal buzz of traffic, beeping horns and general city fodder. A voice blared over some sort of speaker or megaphone - it was the state trooper. He was yelling at a motorcyclist from inside his cruiser. The biker had stopped in the middle of the crosswalk and from what I could make out, he had approached the intersection a little too quickly. The trooper berated the biker over the loudspeaker, asking if he was trying to kill a pedestrian. This went on for about 20 seconds, several people turning their attention to the situation at that point.

As the light was about to turn green, the trooper threw open his door, stamped out into traffic and started pointing and screaming at the biker, telling him to pull over to the side of the road. As if the embarrassment wasn't enough, the guy was going to wind up with a ticket. As I walked away, I hoped the excited jurors would show up for their field trip in time to distract the angry trooper from writing that ticket.

But, like the motorcyclist, i had been in a hurry to get somewhere (work). So, i didn't have time to stick around and see what happened.

Oh, and by the way, if I ever get to go on a juror field trip, I'm totally sitting in the back of the bus since that's where all the cool kids sit!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Safe and Sound

Security. That's the theme for today.
On my rainy morning run to work, trying to keep my footing through the never ending construction in Kenmore Square, I barely had time to look up and notice the security guard slumped over, leaning against the outside of the Bank of America kiosk. His eyes were closed, head tilted back as he slept on the brick wall pillow. I initially thought, "the guy's sound asleep; it'd be easier to rob the place than to score a ticket to a Bruins game." Side note: I've got season tickets this year. But, after giving it some detailed thought, I reconsidered. I concluded there aren't many things worse than a grumpy man with a gun - not to mention, he's targeting you. It's easy to assume this guy, sound asleep at 8 a.m., isn't a morning person. Past experience reminds me never risk waking a person like that - unless you want to face his/her wrath.
Hopefully, real bank robbers will be smart enough to figure that out and avoid that particular bank/ATM kiosk.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the cost of more riders

Where will they all fit? A new report says MBTA ridership continues to increase... I'd provide a link to that report, but I haven't quite figured out all the intricacies of blogging yet... Plus, the article blows huge holes in my argument (example:"Revenue collection is up 13 percent, or about $4.4 million")... My initial thought: Great... except... that means the -T- is becoming even more overcrowded with fare-evaders. The green line in particular is already miserably overcrowded (during rush hour)... and I watch as plenty of people get on without paying. As it stands, I can barely find a spot to squeeze into on the train... The Addition of more fare-evading riders is sure force at least some paying people to consider alternative options. In turn, the already struggling -T- will actually lose money and slide further into debt... All because of increased ridership!
By the way, I rode my bike to work today.

and by and by the way, here's the article that blows huge holes in my argument

Monday, June 2, 2008

waking up is the hardest part

After spending sunday taking a lot of pictures and walking just more than 12 miles, for some reason i thought it'd be a good idea to rollerblade to work on Monday. Not So! by the 1/4 mile marker, i was ready to call it quits. My skate was a blackout of sorts. All I could think about was "keep going". I didn't have the energy to look around. I eventually finished the 3 + mile journey. Now, I'm contemplating skating home this evening.