Friday, May 30, 2008

two days, no blogs

A recap of the last two days.
yesterday - rollerbladed.
I'm speeding down the right lane on boylston. a driver behind me honks her horn. it's the first time i've been beeped at while on rollerblades. (plenty on bike, but either i'm way worse at biking or people have a different preception of rollerbladers). Anyway, I did what anyone would have. I turned around and offered the "what" shrug. she signaled that i should move over into a parked car or something. I signaled back, pointing to the sky with my left middle finger, indicating she should get an airplane if she doesn't want to sit in boston traffic. I proceeded to leisurely skate past the car slowing down in front of me... and sadly, the woman never caught up.
it's too bad, cuz i had plenty to say as i skated away...

today: biked
no incidents until after i parked my bike and went into basketball city. It was there I got smacked in the nose by a loose basketball while trying to grab a rebound. I bled for a little while.
it eventually stopped. that's all

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