Thursday, May 22, 2008

schizophrenia: hallucinations? or are we missing something?

Today was a T day, my least favorite. There's a guy who often sits at the St. Mary's T stop (C LINE). He lives across the street in a home for elderly homeless (if that makes any sense). He's heavy set, Mediterranean looking, dresses normal, doesn't really stand out and is probably in his 60s or so.
I've seen him holding very animated conversations - in a non-english language. Thus, I can never understand what he's saying. The other problem is, I can't ever see who he's talking to. My guess is he's probably schizophrenic, but maybe I'm just missing something. He's very convincing, always seeming to give whomever or whatever he's talking to plenty of personal space and time to respond to his remarks.
Today, he was enjoying Dunkin Donuts and feeding the sparrows and appeared to get into a yelling fight. It happened just as the train came. I hope they made up after I left.

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ANI said...

I took the T from St Mary's for two years starting in 2004, and he was there almost every day. Having long conversations with imaginary people. So sad.