Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Purpose

My trip to work often is quite the journey. I tend to use non-automobile methods of transportation.
I've biked.
I've walked.
I've run.
I've taken public transportation.
I've rollerbladed.
In a city like Boston, there's always something to see, so, why not stop a minute to smell the roses? I'll look at the differences in each mode of transportation, how people react to each, and i'll share things that happen along the way...

A short anecdote for today: I suffered my first low-impact rollerblading crash.
It was a young woman on the Boston Common.
She was wearing a Red Sox shirt, that's about all i had time to notice.
I had nowhere to go, got boxed in by a bike.... and boom.
Anyway, she was cool about it, I was going slow.
As I went on my way - I was rather embarrassed.

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