Monday, May 26, 2008

a bandaged theme

today was an interesting variation from the norm. Not only is it a "holiday" (which my profession doesn't believe in), but I'm working what people refer to as "second shift." I decided a long bikeride would be good and relaxing before work, as it is a beautiful day. I failed to take a few things into account.

I ventured into my favorite part of Boston, the not yet overdeveloped waterfront of the Seaport District. There was a couple who lived in Somerville stranded with a flat tire. Closest T stop - probably about a mile. Sucks for them. I stopped and lent them my pump, which was of no use, as the puncture in the guy's tire was large. Unfortunately, I don't carry a patch kit... need to start doing that.

At the end of my ride, I arrived at my gym to shower (it's right near work), i noticed something odd. All the lights were off. Uh oh! CLOSED! But, talk about timing. The G-M was walking in as I locked up my bike. I asked if I could grab a quick shower - he said he didn't mind.

In hindsight, had I not stopped to try and help the flat tire couple, my day would have ended up stinking pretty badly (pun intended).

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