Friday, May 30, 2008

two days, no blogs

A recap of the last two days.
yesterday - rollerbladed.
I'm speeding down the right lane on boylston. a driver behind me honks her horn. it's the first time i've been beeped at while on rollerblades. (plenty on bike, but either i'm way worse at biking or people have a different preception of rollerbladers). Anyway, I did what anyone would have. I turned around and offered the "what" shrug. she signaled that i should move over into a parked car or something. I signaled back, pointing to the sky with my left middle finger, indicating she should get an airplane if she doesn't want to sit in boston traffic. I proceeded to leisurely skate past the car slowing down in front of me... and sadly, the woman never caught up.
it's too bad, cuz i had plenty to say as i skated away...

today: biked
no incidents until after i parked my bike and went into basketball city. It was there I got smacked in the nose by a loose basketball while trying to grab a rebound. I bled for a little while.
it eventually stopped. that's all

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

rough road

I thought it was a great idea to rip apart Kenmore square on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend with the Red Sox out of town. No sox traffic, no work week traffic, no students, no problem. The pavers were down there looking ready to go. It seemed like the perfect plan. The only problem: it's wednesday now and the road is still torn to crap. My Bikeride through Kenmore: Traffic coming at you from 3 different directions, no one knows where they're going because the DPW changed the traffic pattern; 3 inch rocks scattered across a rough roadway. It was an obstacle course I didn't feel like dealing with this morning.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

planning for the future

i got a late start this morning because of the late night at work last night. That usually means I have the bike option or the train option (others take too long). Since it's supposed to rain, I T-ed it. Two people on the T and three people in Government Center had umbrellas. They looked rather silly considering the sun was shining. That won't be the case if it rains this afternoon though. Then again, we all know how the meteorologists have been lately here in Boston. Thus, planning for the future could turn out beneficial, but it could also wind up making you look even more silly.

Monday, May 26, 2008

a bandaged theme

today was an interesting variation from the norm. Not only is it a "holiday" (which my profession doesn't believe in), but I'm working what people refer to as "second shift." I decided a long bikeride would be good and relaxing before work, as it is a beautiful day. I failed to take a few things into account.

I ventured into my favorite part of Boston, the not yet overdeveloped waterfront of the Seaport District. There was a couple who lived in Somerville stranded with a flat tire. Closest T stop - probably about a mile. Sucks for them. I stopped and lent them my pump, which was of no use, as the puncture in the guy's tire was large. Unfortunately, I don't carry a patch kit... need to start doing that.

At the end of my ride, I arrived at my gym to shower (it's right near work), i noticed something odd. All the lights were off. Uh oh! CLOSED! But, talk about timing. The G-M was walking in as I locked up my bike. I asked if I could grab a quick shower - he said he didn't mind.

In hindsight, had I not stopped to try and help the flat tire couple, my day would have ended up stinking pretty badly (pun intended).

Friday, May 23, 2008

The tent in city hall plaza

I always feel like I've wasted my time if I go somewhere and the drive takes longer than the time I spend out of the car.
Apparently the folks who spent the last week setting up a tent at city hall plaza don't feel the same way.
The giant party tent took most of the week to set up. They used it for one night, and to my surprise, it was being taken down today.
Kind of a waste, no?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

schizophrenia: hallucinations? or are we missing something?

Today was a T day, my least favorite. There's a guy who often sits at the St. Mary's T stop (C LINE). He lives across the street in a home for elderly homeless (if that makes any sense). He's heavy set, Mediterranean looking, dresses normal, doesn't really stand out and is probably in his 60s or so.
I've seen him holding very animated conversations - in a non-english language. Thus, I can never understand what he's saying. The other problem is, I can't ever see who he's talking to. My guess is he's probably schizophrenic, but maybe I'm just missing something. He's very convincing, always seeming to give whomever or whatever he's talking to plenty of personal space and time to respond to his remarks.
Today, he was enjoying Dunkin Donuts and feeding the sparrows and appeared to get into a yelling fight. It happened just as the train came. I hope they made up after I left.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Purpose

My trip to work often is quite the journey. I tend to use non-automobile methods of transportation.
I've biked.
I've walked.
I've run.
I've taken public transportation.
I've rollerbladed.
In a city like Boston, there's always something to see, so, why not stop a minute to smell the roses? I'll look at the differences in each mode of transportation, how people react to each, and i'll share things that happen along the way...

A short anecdote for today: I suffered my first low-impact rollerblading crash.
It was a young woman on the Boston Common.
She was wearing a Red Sox shirt, that's about all i had time to notice.
I had nowhere to go, got boxed in by a bike.... and boom.
Anyway, she was cool about it, I was going slow.
As I went on my way - I was rather embarrassed.